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About Bizim Toptan Private Label and Exclusive Products

As Bizim Toptan Satış Mağazaları, along with Turkey’s known national and international brands, we target to offer quality for low prices with our more than 150 registered brands and more than 50 Exclusive brands that are produced at specific grammages specially for Bizim Toptan. Production of all our PL and Exclusive brands are done by select producers of Turkey and sold in our stores all around Turkey.
Our PL brands show up on our shelves as Besler, Besler Mutfak, BTT Profesyonel in staple food category; Sealady in cleaning and personal care category; Dolphin in paper category; Bahar in aperitifs category; Besler and Besler Mutfak in delicatessen and dairy products; Besler Mutfak in drinks category.
Exclusive branded products we offer in our stores are Ona liquid oil varieties, Piyale flour, Mis and Ömür dairy products, Natura frozen products, Mintax detergent products.