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Company History and Work Description


Bizim Toptan, founded in 2001 and began operations in 2002, with its 144 stores in 63 out of 81 provinces, is the biggest in regards to store count and most widespread in regards to accessibility in Cash & Carry  (“Organized Wholesale Trade”) sector. (“Frost & Sullivan”, Turkey Cash & Carry Market, 2010)

Bizim Toptan, as of end of year 2011, was shown as 57th biggest company of Turkey in Fortune Magazine’s research. The Company, with its product range consisting of approximately 9,000 products is one of Turkey’s most powerful companies in Cash & Carry sector in regards to satisfying the customer necessities. Considering the fast increase in purchasing power of households and in consumption trend with the country’s growth rate together; there is a great growth potential for Cash & Carry sector and the Company in medium and long range. Cash & Carry sector, on the other hand, has achieved a greater growth than the total market growth of fast consumption products and market growth of organized fast consumption products in the recent years. In “Frost & Sullivan” research of “Turkey Cash & Carry market” in 2010, Cash & Carry sector volume is at 3.5 billion TL level and annual market growth rate between years 2009-2015 is estimated to be 12.9%. The Company plans to continue its growth performance above market level in medium and long range.

Bizim Toptan wholesales main product categories such as food, non-alcoholic beverages, tobacco products, household cleaning supplies, personal hygiene, and paper products, that are brands of well-known reputable national and multi-national companies trading in Turkey to well-spread customer network in fast consumption sector. In addition to national and local branded products, the Company offers its own Private Label products to its customers. By the end of year 2012, percentage of non-tobacco private label products has reached 4.3%.

Continuing its activities under franchising business model since its founding until 2006, Bizim Toptan reviewed its business model in 2006. Hence, the Company ceased its operations under franchising business model, and started operating all of its stores by the Company itself. By opening 20 stores in 2007, 11 in 2008, 7 in 2009, 12 in 2010, 15 in 2011, and 13 in 2012, has raised its total store count to 137. The Company added 3 additional stores to its store network in first three months of 2013, and has raised its total store count to 144 as of 30 June 2013.

Bizim Toptan stores were classified to three different categories as A, B, and C, according to the SK count they offer to their customers. The Company has 43 A type, 49 B type, and 48 C type stores as of 31 March 2013. Total closed area of the Company as of the same date is above 200,000 m2, and net sales area is 133,870 m2.

Recorded customers of the Company are above 500k as of 31 December 2012. Approximately 333k of these customers consist of active customers who make purchases from stores at least once in a one-year period. Main customers of the Company consist of wholesalers, traders, grocers (usually closed space of less than 50 m2), markets (closed space of 50 m2 – 400 m2), supermarkets (closed space of larger than 400 m2), customized retailers, HoReCa (Hotel, Restaurant, and Cafes), and corporates.


Bizim Toptan, the leader in wholesale sector, took the first step to its journey full of success. Bizim Toptan Satış Mağazaları A.Ş. (Bizim Toptan) was incorporated in 2001 and registered in Istanbul pursuant to the articles of the Turkish Commercial Code.


After completing its incorporation process, Bizim Toptan started operations with a total of 14 stores, eight of which were under franchise system. With its corporate strategy and strong organizational structure, the Company quickly started its fast journey in becoming the leader corporation in the Turkish wholesale sector.


Continuing operations with 59 stores throughout Turkey, Bizim Toptan transitioned from the franchising system and began operating its own stores in 2006.


Bizim Toptan, opening 20 additional stores, gained a fast increase trend in the sector. The Strategic Investment Fund became a partner of Bizim Toptan by buying 20% of the Company’s shares from Yıldız Holding.


Maintaining its growth in the sector with 11 new stores, Bizim Toptan’s total sales figures gained new momentum. Large new A-Type stores were added to the Company’s current chain of stores. Golden Horn Investments B.V. bought 20% of the Company’s shares from Yıldız Holding and became a partner in Bizim Toptan.


Extending its widely distributed sales network with seven additional stores, Bizim Toptan was listed as the 55th largest Turkish company in Capital Magazine’s top 500 Companies List in terms of revenue. Having strengthened its purchasing power by means of key suppliers and developing its product combination, Bizim Toptan demonstrated a successful performance despite the global economic crisis.


Continuing its service to the customers with 12 new stores, Bizim Toptan increased its active customers to more than 194k. The “Cash & Carry Market in Turkey” analysis conducted by Frost & Sullivan in 2010 revealed that Bizim Toptan was the largest Turkish Cash & Carry wholesaler in terms of number of stores.


Bizim Toptan, increasing its stores to 124 with 15 new stores, increased its active customers to 228k. Bizim Toptan has finalized initial public offering process as of January 2011, and company shares started to be traded at ISE on 03 February 2011. In 2011, company has adopted new management way and in this manner, weighted on HORECA segment. By the last months of 2011, to give advantage to our customers, Bizim Professional card was implemented.


Bizim Toptan, reaching 137 stores with its 15 new stores and expanding its network throughout the country, thanks to the HORECA project put in action in 2012 and its Bizim Professional Card implementation which offers customers appealing opportunities, was able to increase its active customer count from 228k to 333k.