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Qualification Management

Training and Improvement
In our Training and Improvement activities, we invest in Managerial, Professional, and Personal improvement of our employees in the direction of the Company’s strategies. Your training and improvement needs are determined by performance evaluation results, career and backup plans, also work and position.
In our trainings, along with external trainers, we make use of our own personnel that we select as trainers among our employees. Our trainings start with the orientation training on the first day of our employees, and continue with our “continuous improvement” model.

Performance Management
Our performance evaluation system consists of Target based and Qualification based evaluations. Thus, we intend to integrate company and department targets with our employees’ targets, and to determine potential and performance of our employees.
Our performance evaluation system is used at:
• Watching progress of our employees and making of improvement plans,
• Making of human resource planning,
• Application of performance based premium/bonus system.

Planning of Human Resource (Career Management)
As Bizim Toptan Wholesale Stores, we exist at more than 140 locations in Turkey. Each one of our branches acts as a school. In our fast growing organization, we support “First Us” principle that is our corporate philosophy for the Human Resource Planning that we make for every one of our employees. First Us: is the principle that we first utilize our current employees for all position needs.