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Human Resources Policy

Bizim Toptan, with its rapid growth, has been recognized as Turkey’s 55th largest company since 2002. Bizim Toptan’s goal-oriented and highly qualified professionals have contributed toward this success.
Bizim Toptan Satış Mağazaları A.Ş., with its growth as a young company founded in 2002 and with its income, achieved to become one of the first 50 companies in Turkey. This success is a product of our hardworking, focused, and qualified employees.
As human resources, our policy is:
• Contributing to our company’s strategies by conducting environmental opportunity and growth analysis,
• In order to ensure the company reaches strategic targets, to analyze the organization’s current and future necessities, and to build systems that will raise the most optimal human resources,
• By structuring Bizim Toptan Satış Mağazaları A.Ş. strategies to ensure customer satisfaction philosophy and sustainable quality, respectability, and sectorial leadership by raising the standards higher in its activity areas (retail/Cash & Carry), to be one of the best companies of Turkey to work with,
• Beginning with the awareness that human creates the difference in an environment of competition, to increase employees’ level of satisfaction and motivation, to forward competition power by continuously improving commitment and collaboration among employees,
• To ensure “Happy Employee Happy Customer” philosophy is adopted.