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Bizim Gas Station

Bizim Gas Station is our sales organization enabling gas station markets to procure all their necessities except oil and derivatives, alcoholic beverages and Tekel products from one single location.
With our special order and delivery team serving all gas station markets countrywide, from procurement of all kinds of products to shelf design, from different alternative campaigns and different product offers to weekly regular visits, we serve as a solution partner.

Our Service Style and Our Advantages:
Procurement of around 5,000 different products that are main items at gas station markets, except oil and derivatives, alcoholic beverages and tobacco products,
Possibility to minimize the stock or exchange with selling products of not-selling products determined by weekly regular location visits,
Marketing activities to increase sales with campaigns for same seasonal or supplier specific products,
Regular visits at least once a week by professional teams only selling to gas station markets,
Placing delivered products to market shelves by our team according to FIFO rules and arranging shelves,
Exchange of expired, rotten, and unsalably damaged products, or refund in 30 days with receipt,
For every business, sale of only popular products, arranging the shelves and presentation to the customer,
Sale on producers’ list prices and monthly campaigns by company,
Reporting all products delivered to the customer on the invoice,
Providing discount on all products according to our customer’s purchase capacity.

Alternative Payment Agents:
All Credit Cards
Debit Card
All Commercial Cards
Bizim Professional Card