Müşteri Hizmetleri
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Bizim Horeca

We procure and distribute products that are necessities of hotel, restaurant, fast food, cafe, patisserie, catering companies, kitchens of businesses, tourism facilities, industrial enterprises, hospitals, schools, state institutions and organizations that operate in out-of-home consumption sector, by making short or long term agreements, offering special advantages and catering delivery service.

Product Groups and Delivery Service

We sell and deliver to our customers’ door all product groups that may be needed by these locations such as dry foods, sauces, pastry ingredients, dairy products, delicatessen products, drinks group, frozen products, red and white meat products, fish, fruits and vegetables, cleaning products, paper products, consumable materials, kitchen equipment, etc.

Quality and Assurance
With procurement planning system specific to our customers and with our qualified personnel depending on our previous sale experience, we are a solution partner to your businesses’ needs. We deliver your orders to your door, prepared carefully and quickly according to FIFO and ISO 2008 Quality Assurance rules, from our stores’ and warehouses’ stock with a capacity that can answer to your immediate necessities, with our double regimen -18 or +4 cars according to product category.