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Frequently Asked Questions

1- How To Become a "Bizim" Customer?
Only "Bizim Kart" customers can make purchases at our stores. "Bizim Kart" can only be issued to commercial taxpayers, by submission of the commercial tax-board. It is mandatory to show "Bizim Kart" at the entrance to the stores.

2- Who are Bizim Customers?
Retail Sale Points: Grocers, supermarkets, dried nut sellers, buffets, canteens, gas station markets, etc.
Horeca: Hotels, bakeries, restaurants, canteens, kitchens of businesses, drink businesses, fast food, catering
Corporates: Companies, factories, tradesmen and craftsmen, official and state institutions, military, etc.
3-How can I reach your stores throughout Turkey?
For store phone numbers and addresses, please click here.

4-How can I get a “Bizim kart”?
“Bizim Kart” is only issued to commercial taxpayers, after submission of commercial tax-board. Necessary documents to apply for the card:
• For private companies, original and copy of the tax-board,
• For legal entities; copy of the tax-board, letter indicating authorized personnel for purchases on letterhead (stamped, signed),
• For customers who wish to buy Tekel products, original of their Tekel certificate.
Come to the nearest Bizim Toptan Satış Mağazaları location with these documents, apply immediately and get your card in a short while. You can get your "Bizim Kart" that you’ve applied for online by applying to our stores.

5-What is your product range?
• Dry Foods
• Milk And Dairy Products
• Aperitifs And Bakery Products
• Delicatessen And Breakfast Products
• Drinks
• Tobacco And Other Tobacco Products
• Meat And Meat Products
• Fruits And Vegetables
• Cleaning Products
• Personal Care And Cosmetics Products
• Paper Products
• Home Appliances And Repair Products
• Energy And Lighting Products
• Office-Stationary Products
• Electronic And Electric Home Appliances
• Hand Tools
• Communication

6-What are your payment options?
We offer our customers payment options such as: cash, money order, EFT, credit card one installment and seasonally, credit card installment campaigns.